What makes Denis so Unique?

The author of- ”You Are What You Think You Are", and "Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life” -Life changing seminars

Living in the divine flow and stepping into mastery has been a passion of Denis’s for the past 30 years. Denis has a divine connection with the universe (that we call the source) this journey in life is about co-creating with the universe and with oneself. Denis is receiving guidance from the universe on many subjects and topics. He has mastered the techniques of listening and integrating such knowledge within and created a life-changing way of bringing this information into the public domain.

Denis has not gained his knowledge through reading books, he’s gained his knowledge and expertise through being in the field, walking his talk. 

His ability to tune into the universe and to bring changes into your life is dynamic and life-changing. What Makes Denis so Unique?. He has been to the mountaintop, he is a believer in self-motivation, at the same time tuning into the divine universe and receiving the answers to the questions. When the universe talks to you (the source) do you know how to implement the knowledge that is being brought forth to you? Denis will guide you how to listen, when to listen, and when to activate the knowledge that you receive for the betterment of yourself, right here, right now.

That’s what makes Denis so unique, he does not do it alone, it does it with the assistance of the universe (the divine source) which we all are part of.

Welcome to Denis Barnes and Empowerment For Life

It's about time you started the live the life you dream about, right here, right now.

I do not offer a quick fix, or a get rich quick scheme. What I do offer is a dedication to you as your guide, as your energy coach, and as your confident on all levels of your physical/soul being. If walking in mastery is dear to your heart? If having a realisation of yourself and how powerful you are is dear to you? Would like to feel and appreciate the true power in your life on all levels regarding self-development? If you’re prepared to walk your talk to climb the hills of self-doubt and conquer them? Then I can be of great service to you in assisting you into your greatness on all levels.

Personal Spiritual Growth Expert, Business Mentor, Motivational Speaker and Author. Out of the box thinker, and life Transformational Empowerment Extraordinaire Expert.

I have the ability to see the soul of the matter in real-time..

My consciousness has been allowed to expand far, far beyond mass consciousness at this present time.  Given the Commercially focused background of many years ago. I Now witness the very tangible and beautiful way my work dramatically and positively affects others, as a catalyst and way-shower for their spiritual/human connection in their lives. My clients come from all four corners of the world be it corporate leaders, financiers, legal, school teachers, seekers from different religions, parents and family members.  Furthermore, I welcome anybody that is desiring further knowledge into their human/spiritual journey from a higher level of knowing/wisdom that is brought forth and expressed with love, honour, intelligence, humour, and sometimes straight to the point, no messing around honestly.

It is with my own knowledge and wisdom through my life journey that I have the ability to guide and direct clients/audiences from a level of being the seeker of spiritual wisdom to the full-blown effect of them experiencing their divine wisdom which goes hand-in-hand with their spirituality and the building foundations of which they can build an exciting life.

Conquer self-doubt- Are you ready to climb out of your limitation into your self-realisation of your greatness?

A thought leader in “harmonic wealth”; “laws of attraction”; “living your best life ever”, Denis is a master teacher and powerful speaker on helping others implement and fully understand the idea of energy fields attracting similar energy fields, and “attracting the life you want.” Going beyond the run-of-the-mill motivational speakers Denis incorporates higher guidance, channelling and inspired information from Source-Creator, The Twelve (a group of higher guides and ascended masters whom Denis channels), and his years of experience in being a thought leader, master creator of abundance.

I help people make clear choices, then galvanise and motivate into action with amazing results. With the techniques which I have developed, I can help change any negative beliefs and behaviours and in their place create clear strategies and a positive confident approach that will nourish you in any area of your life.

However Living a successful life is not just about outward success. I encourage clients on an inward journey to discover their inner peace, which will unlock their spiritual potential and uncover real happiness in their life.