About Denis

While enjoying a very successful business

While enjoying a very successful business life in motor vehicle refurbishment owner/sales and other business interests, I was always thinking there’s something more to this life there’s something I am meant to be doing besides having interests in the automobile industry. What is it I kept asking myself? Speaking to myself I was thinking you cannot use your voice because you suffer from a very bad speech impediment (stammering) so how can you use your voice. That seemed to rule that avenue out. You see that at the age of five in this life I suffered what you may call a parent break up and subsequently (parents divorcing). This emotional time within myself resulted in a huge speech impediment, not being able to speak my truth at that time. I seem to have carried the energy of not speaking up for myself through the different stages of my life until the age of 32. At this particular time, I was suffering from what you may call a failed relationship (a broken heart) I was devastated by the loss of a partner.

It was at this heartbreaking time my soul spoke to me.

It was at this heartbreaking time my soul spoke to me in words that I still remember this very day (You Are Worth More Than This). You have a voice use it (My Soul Continued To Speak) use this speech impediment as a vehicle for improving yourself, right here right now in this life. This was amazing I instantly realised that there was awakening within myself, and this awakening would take me into the spiritual aspect of myself. I soon realised that there are many layers to me (and to everybody else) and every layer has to be stripped away so we can find the true power of ourselves. Once we find that true power we can see that we have treated ourselves as a second-class citizen. Self-belief was a hard pill to swallow at that time, when everything was being stripped away from me, relationships, businesses, even my health.

I decided to go within, to communicate with this power that was raging within me, that wanted my mind to hear the voice of the soul speaking to me. I decided to go to local spiritual church and listen to the philosophy of the speakers at that time. It was at this time that I received a spiritual message. The message was something like this. You are starting to listen to your soul, your life now will take a different direction, you are starting to believe in yourself, now is the time to stand up and believe in yourself. I was thinking to myself, how can I stand up for myself. Everything I touch is falling away, I cannot even speak properly. I’m a laughingstock.

The inner voice spoke straightaway

It said, only you can do it, Denis, only you can jump the gap from non-belief to self -belief, the choice is yours. You have hidden wisdom, hidden belief patterns, all you have to do is find the trigger to catapult these beliefs these patterns into your physical acceptance of yourself. You know the way forward. So start trusting yourself. I am your soul, this is your soul speaking, please do not turn away from me, however, embrace me for I am your way forward.What can you do when you cannot speak? Your options are limited saying to myself. Then I took it upon myself to unleash the power that is within me. To stand up, never sit down in the face of defeat. However sometimes I was defeated, so I used that defeat to inspire me to go onward and forward to overcome this temporary feeling.

I developed within myself a courageous pattern of standing up and speaking and never sitting down until I had delivered my newfound philosophy and my homegrown ideas in the way of living and being in this life. It was while I was sitting in meditation at the local spiritual church that my inner vision opened up to me. I was starting to realise that I am more than I thought I was, I am perfect and powerful in all areas of my life, and I’ve just got to start believing that.

I took every opportunity to speak to people.

I took every opportunity to speak to people regarding their self-belief, their inner wisdom, and how they can activate it, which in turn will allow them to live a far greater life than they are living now. Yes, every opportunity I took with open hands. Friends family girlfriends everybody was subject to my words of encouragement, there were mixed responses as I remember. It was at this time bringing forth these words of wisdom to people that my intuitive side opened up to me in the form of a very highly developed (you could call it clairvoyance) sense of knowing. To this very day, I still have this well developed, cutting-edge sense of knowing. I use this soul faculty as part of my life skills with my clients, audiences. I also use it profoundly in the business sector in directing people and companies in moving forward in the sectors of their choosing.

I have learnt the hard way

I have experienced pain, hardship, the loneliness of the heart, empty pockets living on fresh air. Everything is an experience, everything is temporary, I used to say to myself. However what is permanently within my mind is the power to succeed, the power never to let go of the goal that I bring forth from my soul. It is my belief that the best people of delivering information, are the ones who have the first-hand experience in these matters. The best empowering people, the ones who had to empower themselves, the best speakers are the ones who couldn't speak at the beginning, who then turned inside themselves to bring forth their voice into the public arena. Experience counts for everything.

I share this information with you all.

So you may have a short understanding of the path that has led me to be the speaker of who I am now. I am not your normal run-of-the-mill motivational speaker. When I motivate/empower/speak I do so with humour, humbleness, professionalism, and the knowing of my own soul growth. I also incorporate a higher wisdom, (universal wisdom) I Incorporate Higher Guidance, Channelling and Inspired Information From Source-Creator. Not forgetting my intuitive side which is finely tuned to receive such wisdom and knowledge. I have a down to earth attitude I bring forth knowledge in a way that you can understand it, I can and do paint a picture and use the best words and colours to describe it to you.

I have the ability to see past the physical frame,

I tap into the soul (your soul) energy that has come into realisation in this life. Your soul has brought many experiences into play that it would like to go through in this life.I have the ability to see and feel recurring patterns happening within the physical being (life itself). For over 30 years I have been working spiritually energy-wise, (Healing, Life Coaching and Walking In Mastery) I also have the ability to receive information from the highest level and bring it down into a picture of pure understanding for people that will assist them in moving forward.

I will help you, be all you can, if you are prepared to work with me. Denis

I Have Been to the Mountaintop (The Words of Martin Luther King)