If you have an event, Holistic, empowerment conference, corporate or business function that requires increased sales, motivating your staff, inspiring success, or want to engage your group with a cutting-edge afternoon that leaves a lasting impact. Then look no further I have 30 years experience of rocking-a-room and sharing fun, informative and inspirational with groups, clients and individuals.

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‘You Are What You Think’

How your thinking creates your reality and how to re-programme and create a ‘Can Do’ attitude.

‘Mindset Mastery’

Building esteem and confidence so you can create the life you want.

What makes Denis so Unique?

  The author of ”You Are What You Think You Are, and Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life”. Living in the divine flow and stepping into mastery has been a passion of Denis’s for the past 30 years. Denis has a divine connection with the universe (that we call the source) this journey in life is about co- creating with the universe and with oneself. Denis is receiving guidance from the universe on many subjects and topics. He has mastered the techniques of listening and integrating such knowledge within and created a life changing way of bringing this information into the public domain. 

Denis has not gained his knowledge through reading books, he’s gained his knowledge and expertise through being in the field, walking his talk. 

His ability to tune into the universe and to bring changes into your life is dynamic and life changing. What Makes Denis so Unique?. He has been to the mountaintop, he is a believer in self-motivation, at the same time tuning into the divine universe and receiving the answers to the questions. When the universe talks to you (the source) do you know how to implement the knowledge that is being brought forth to you? Denis will guide you how to listen, when to listen, and when to activate the knowledge that you receive for the betterment of yourself, right here, right now.

That’s what makes Denis so unique, he does not do it alone, it does it with the assistance of the universe (the divine source) which we are all from.

That what is makes Denis so Unique. You can be unique also, all you have to do is listen, and then act. 

Contact Denis now and change your life for the good.

To Enquire Regarding Denis Speaking At Your Event

Or to arrange an interview please press the call to action button

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"One of the finest cutting-edge down-to-earth speakers I have ever worked with ~ Gerald Sinclair