Business Intuitive

I was born with the gift of seeing the unknown and making it known.

Even as a gifted Psychic/Spiritual Medium, Life Coach and Motivational/ Empowerment Speaker I never stop learning. Many of my clients are business leaders and entrepreneurs. Much of their work I do not discuss as with every business client they sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). With this in place, it allows business executives, real estate investors, stockbrokers and technical/ software clients to know that my intuition and insight is held in high regard and strict confidence.

Having run my own successful businesses by utilising my psychic/ spiritual abilities and being able to predict outcomes and manoeuvre through business landmines of finances, partners, growth, business development and selling my company for a profit in my late 30s, and subsequently retiring to Spain. Others started to seek my born psychic/spiritual gifts to assist them to do the same in business.

One such client situation I will speak of as it was a few decades ago and their success is not a secret and they do not have an NDA situation that prohibits me from sharing. I will call the client Joe.

Joe was an inventor, he invented a product that was a helium balloon machine. It just so happened that I predicted that the largest oxygen company in the UK was interested in purchasing Joe’s invention and will come to Joe with an offer of ____.

Sure enough, the oxygen company gave Joe an offer. However, Joe called me and I told him to hold off as a better offer would come. I gave Joe the exact amounts he would be offered and after each offer (4 more) Joe called me and I would intuit and provided my psychic/spiritual knowledge to ensure Joe got the best deal. Indeed Joe sold his invention, made a fortune (a seven-figure number).

I have run several successful companies, been an entrepreneur and heeded my own intuition towards success. I have also had experiences in my younger days where I was greedy, I didn’t pay attention to my own psychic abilities as the success possibility and partnering with others who said “it’s a sure thing” led me down a garden path.

I don’t regret this situation. I was a grassroots investor (only six main investors at the beginning, I was one of them) in a beautiful real estate development operation of over 400 acres in Spain valued at €45 million that went “belly-up”.

All my knowledge and intuition warned me yet I didn’t pay heed. This situation has helped me ensure I warn others and even tell them what they don’t want to hear. For in hearing the warning signs can save my client hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds/euros, and many headaches in the future.

I have been given clients who are “non-believers”. I have a client who is a successful technology developer. This developer is friends with a politician to whom I warned about a Terrorist Attacks Although the politician was a non-believer I was able to give the warning to prevent a Terrorist “situation” from occurring.

It’s not my job to tell my clients what they want to hear. It is my job to pick up on things that some may perceive came from “left-field”, and all in a days work I can let a client know: What a client wants; what land is feasible for development; what situations with investors, partners or customers to avoid, look out for or create with, this I can do in all fields of development, call it spiritual or materialistic, the outcome is still the same a possible win-win situation for all.

My job is as old as Joseph and the Pharoes of Egypt. I work with the modern day (seen and unseen) masters of business who create success in the many forms of abundance physically/spiritually and flourish financially through my insight and guidance, which has been heightened by 30 years of spiritual development and meditation in this life.

I create favourable climates for my corporate clients. Even Ronald Reagan and Princess Dianna had their psychic intuitive who guided them through the up’s and downs in order to ensure they manoeuvred through life circumstances by accurate spiritual/predictions.

God gave my Metaphysical skills to me, and in the last 30 years, I have developed them to be razor sharp. It is part of my design to want others to be successful, to be creative and make money, to have relationships and be happy, and to have partnerships in business and create wealth/abundance. This is what I give to my clients if they listen and act.

For a fee, I give my clients who come from all walks of life, who are lawyers, bankers, technology developers, brokers, real estate developers, and spiritual entrepreneurs knowledge of future potentialities and situations that they can utilise to bring forth more success in their chosen fields. I also have the ability to point out situations to avoid, and toxic people and clients that they should stay away from.

All in a days work for MAKING SURE MY CLIENTS STAY IN THE SUCCESS ZONE be it business or spiritual arenas.

Can I be of assistance to you in your private life or business endeavours? If I can then please reach out to me.