Akashic Record Readings

The information you can discover in an Akashic Record Readings

is much more than a normal consultation, it is a glimpse into your soul’s path and destiny. The direction you are heading towards in the future will become crystal clear the moment you realise who you were in a past life. This knowledge empowers you to make certain adjustments to your life course. The future is not set in stone, there is no future there is just now, the more accurately you realise who you were, becomes easier for you to create “who” you desire to be in this moment. Your soul would have brought in to this life certain conditions it wishes to experience and to have a understanding of, knowing what conditions your soul is seeking allows you greater clarity regarding the choices you make in this life.

While reading your Akashic record you may discover the direction that your soul is wishing to take in this life. You may discover a personal vision of your enlightened future self, or you may need help in releasing certain conditions from your past.

The term “Akashic” comes from a 5,000 year old Sanskrit language which means “hidden library”. The once secret Hall of Record known as the Akashic Record.

How Can I Benefit.. from an Akashic Consultation?

Seeing your own Akashic record-life purpose, path, blocks, can be very empowering. Life is composed of events and response vibration. When you’re viewing the past you can see both the event and your response. When looking at the future, you can see the events plus probable responses. The more this is known the less you have to fear.

The less fear the more expansive your response is, and the less conflict you have the quicker you can manifest exactly what you are desiring, the bigger the playground of reality is, the bigger part you can play in expressing yourself. Every response you choose creates an outcome which creates circumstances. If you desire better circumstances in your life choice a more expansive, authentic response.  Seeing yourself clearly in the Akashic Record will allow you to choose your most effective response and manifest life exactly the way you desire it.

Akashic Record Readings

so you can listen again at your convenience. Sessions are conducted via phone and Skype If you would like more information regarding any aspect of this website, readings and payment process