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Dynamic Provider Of Empowerment Empowerment Speaker- Alchemist Teacher- Author- Intuitive- To Empower- Motivate You- To Becoming The Best You Can Be- In Every Area Of Your Life- Is My Passion- Let’s Create- The Most Exciting - Greatest Version Of You Together!
About Denis

Denis utilises his everyday experiences, while still being open to higher teachings. He walks the path of both teacher and learner.

One to One with Denis

Are you ready to step into your self-mastery? If you are, I am here to help you become all that you can be in this life. For more information regarding this One-To-One life changing experience, please contact me for more details.

Business intuitive

Many of my clients are business leaders and entrepreneurs. Much of their work I do not discuss as with every business client they sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement). With this in place it allows business executives, real estate investors, stock brokers and technical/ software clients to know that my intuition and insight is held in high regard and strict confidence.

Live an Empowered life

The services that I offer are designed especially, to move you forward into your true energy of self empowerment and your highest joy factor in this life..


Film/Video please join us on the YouTube page, Seventy-Three YouTube videos available for you to watch at your leisure, you can even download them onto your computer, Tablet or Smart Phone if you have the relevant software.

Workshops & Events

Denis’s courses and workshops are fun. Powerful, inspiring and even better still they work and provide deliverable results. The mergence of higher wisdom with practical know-how, will help you transmute core issues in order for you to achieve your goals, and live a life of greater achievement.

Contact Denis

Please use the contact page for your future requests of speaking engagements and one-to-one consultations with Denis (The Denis Barnes Experience)

Denis Barnes- Empowerment Speaker- Alchemist Teacher- Author- Intuitive.

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