Personal appearance September

Why don’t you join us at the two up-and-coming events this September both in Birmingham. The multidimensional show and the Tree of Life – Mind Body and Spirit exhibition The 12 Grandmasters (Ascended Masters) and I will be bringing through information individually and collectively for the audience at large. This will take many forms and different shapes[…]

My Thoughts For Today

1 My Thoughts For Today Giving yourself a pat on the back, even if nobody else does. Having to realise that this life is temporary. However, if we come from the heart and recognise ourselves first and foremost then we’ve got to the heart of the matter. We do matter in this life, we are[…]

Blog videos

1 Our Ancestors knew that when a Shankh is blown, its cosmic vibrations can cure diseases The conch shell is a major Hindu article of prayer, used as a trumpet and in order to get rid of negative energy and evil spirits. It is also used as a container for holy water (shankha teertham). The[…]